Kijenil Denetan – Genasi Artificer

I enjoy D&D. One of my favourite pastimes is creating characters; only none of them ever see the light of day. I’ve been thinking of late about how much of a shame this is and so decided to create a platform to share them with others.

I created Kijenil today, after reading the new Unearthed Arcana class released by WotC recently. It was a timely release, as a player in a campaign I DM had complained that the Tinker’s toolset he was proficient in was mostly worthless. I’ve since shared the UA with him, as something to consider for the group should his current PC ever find a bucket to kick.

Kijenil is a Fire Genasi, her mother was a Wood Elf belonging to a Fire Druid tribe and her father an Efreet. I hesitate to use the phrase Ashari, however if you are familiar at all with the world of Vox Machina you can picture the kind of upbringing I had in mind for her. With little inclination, nor the stillness of mind, to follow her mother’s footsteps and become a Druid, Kijenil was a wild child growing up. Possessed by the elemental fire burning in her bloodline she was wilful, headstrong and passionate.

While she lacked the wisdom to pursue divine spellcasting, she had the wit and intellect needed for other, more hands on magic. Arcane energy flowed in her veins, and a love of creating beautiful things saw her tinkering at a young age. Her greatest creation harnessed the power and energy of fire, forging from steel an arcane weapon infused with flames.


Character Sheet

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